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moleculeChemistry – The engine of life


“Control your reaction – decipher the periodic table!”


Your very existence depends on chemistry.  Because of their unique chemical characteristics, atoms bond together to form your body.  Millions of chemical reactions keep you alive every day.  Chemistry shapes the world and the universe in which we live.   It is a fascinating science, but for many students chemistry is intimidating.


As a chemistry tutor I often encounter students who are underperforming because they are not seeing the inherent logic within chemistry.   Chemistry is often perceived as a series of discreet topics having little apparent connection to one another.  Students plow through the course, attempting to learn each topic in isolation, often relying on rote memorization.  That is how not to learn chemistry!


Learning chemistry is like erecting a building; each new topic fits securely into a structure composed of the student’s knowledge of prior topics.   As a chemistry tutor, I stress the connections between topics, giving my students an understanding of how each relates to others and to the whole of chemistry.  A student who is able to see how new information connects to what he or she has already learned gains a deeper understanding and need no longer rely on memorization.  Chemistry begins to make sense.


When I tutor chemistry I always start by assessing where a student’s knowledge is breaking down.  Does he or she understand the basics, like atomic structure and periodic trends?  Is the student grasping nomenclature, stoichiometry and the distinction between ionic and covalent bonding?  Has he or she moved onto more advanced topics such as thermochemistry and rates of reactions?  After many years of tutoring chemistry, I can quickly assess each student’s situation, build on what the student already knows, and efficiently bring the student up to speed. 


Practice is the key to success in chemistry.   The more practice problems you do, the better you will become at discerning how to approach and solve test questions.  I provide students with explanations and exercises that emphasize different ways of approaching the same problem.  As a chemistry tutor, I am able to explain the same concept from several different angles, helping the student understand the context of what they are learning.


With support, many students are able to set aside the anxiety they may have about falling behind in chemistry and start to think clearly on their own.  They are motivated to practice on their own (which is essential), and many actually start to enjoy the class and even build a better relationship with the classroom teacher as they no longer feel so intimidated by chemistry.


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As a chemistry tutor I offer individual and small group instruction at all levels, from remedial to accelerated. Tutoring chemistry and other sciences, study skills tutor in Sudbury, Wayland, Weston, Lincoln, Concord, Framingham, Natick and surrounding area since 2002.