Academic Testimonials

I have been tutoring from my Sudbury office since 2002, and my clients come to me mostly by word of mouth. I have changed the names of students out of respect for their privacy. Here are what parents and Students are saying about my tutoring services.


“Last year my son was having significant problems in chemistry. Once Cathy began to work with him I saw immediate results. Indeed, by the end of the year he achieved an A- on his final exam. Cathy is brilliant at assessing her student’s learning style and tailoring her techniques to match… She was able to keep him focused and attentive throughout his sessions, and he retained the material afterwards. He no longer felt overwhelmed! As a parent, I was delighted to find someone for my son who is caring, focused and a consummate professional. I recommend her most highly!”

Millie G., Sudbury parent


“One of Cathy’s gifts as a teacher is her ability to see where students are likely to struggle… She stresses understanding over memorization of random facts. As a result, my daughter began to love and excel at science. “

Kathy D., parent and teacher


“He got into his college of choice early decision! We are thrilled and enormously indebted to you. When it comes time for his younger siblings to enter high school we will be calling on you again!”

Sandra S., parent, Lincoln


You helped Meg tackle with confidence an extremely difficult subject (honors chemistry). You have a special gift with teaching and we were so lucky to have hired you this year!

Missy D., Wayland


“Leslie and I highly recommend Cathy as a chemistry tutor. We have the utmost respect for both her knowledge and extremely effective teaching style! From a parent’s perspective, Cathy was very professional, personal and always available to answer any question I had. It’s great to have such a wonderful resource in town!”

Pauline, Parent, Sudbury


“Just a quick FYI – Katie was very excited because she got a 97 on her last biology test! A BIG THANK YOU! You are amazing!”

Joan, Sudbury parent


“To anyone looking for a tutor, Cathy is outstanding! She tutored our daughter in chemistry last year and made all the difference in her learning and success. This year they are covering physics!”

Rachel F., Sudbury parent


“Cathy took a very personal, caring approach to our son’s learning. She asks meaningful and informative questions, tailored to his learning style and pace. She is patient and kind, and recognizes her students strengths and weaknesses… I can’t recommend her enough.”

Colleen P., Sudbury parent


“You helped me catch up, stay caught up and do well. I would not have passed chemistry without you!”

Mimi C., nursing school student


“Scott made a 100 on his physics test yesterday. He said it was all because of you! He even taught the class something yesterday – he felt that confidant!”

Lisa R., Sudbury parent


“After two years working with you Alex is now feeling so confident that he is sailing through AP Bio without a tutor! Thanks for your help in launching him. He is excited about college now!”

Sarah, Sudbury Parent


“Thank you for all you have done for Calli! You helped her become a better student and prepared her more for the rigors of college… she is no longer afraid to ask for help when she needs it!”

Diane P. Wayland


“I got a B+!! Thanks for your help with A&P [Anatomy & Physiology]. I am no longer simply memorizing lists”

Kylie, Natick student


“Thank you for all your help, caring and instruction which allowed him to meet with success. You helped him quiet his anxiety – no small feat!”

John N., Parent, Sudbury


“Thank you for helping Allie with physics her senior year. She loved working with you, and pulled her grade up to a solid A first semester! We are in your debt.”

Laura B., Dana Hall Parent, Sudbury


“You helped Madeleine regain her confidence in learning. Teaching is an art and it is a pleasure to observe someone who wields her craft so well. Thanks for all your help and guidance.”

Claudia D., parent, Natick


“Thanks for three years of support! Honors biology, Honors chemistry and now AP Chemistry. We will miss you!”

Lauren A., Weston parent


“Thanks for working with Katie. We are so lucky to have found you! She has repeatedly told me how well you were able to explain things to her! Have a good summer, and we’ll see you next year!”

Judy N., Sudbury parent


“You made a big difference for Justin with Earth Science! As a quiet 9th grader he was getting quite lost in class… You helped him so much! He finished the year off with a solid B!”

Jan L., Sudbury parent


“Cathy helped Sarah not only get off academic probation, but earn a B by the end of last year. More importantly, Sarah came to like chemistry! Sarah’s study skills and confidence have continued to increase while working with Cathy this year. She is an outstanding educator.”

Malka Y., Concord


“Cathy Tutored both of our sons, Mike and Mark, during their Junior and Senior years in chemistry and physics. She gave both of them the confidence to tackle their work and earn high grades. With both boys she has been patient and encouraging while being thorough and rigorous. She is an excellent tutor.”

David M., Sudbury


“We’re back! Can you help Mel in physics this year? She really enjoyed your support and grew under your tutelage last year in chemistry. She pulled her final grade up to an A-!! Save us a place in your schedule!”

Patty B., Sudbury parent


“Chemistry Junior year was a miserable experience til we met you. You pulled her through! Thank you so much! We will be calling you for physics!”

Eric G., Wayland


“I never liked chemistry. I wanted a better outcome for my daughter. You made all the difference! Many thanks!”

Nancy W., Sudbury parent


“You helped Sarah visualize what was going on in biology. You understood how she learns best, and helped her navigate a difficult textbook, teacher and year!”

Connie N., Wayland