I have been tutoring from my  Sudbury office since 2002 and clients come to me mostly by word of mouth.  I have changed the names of students out of respect for their privacy. Here are what parents and students are saying about my tutoring services.

Academic Tutoring


“Last year my son was having significant problems in chemistry. Once Cathy began to work with him I saw immediate results. Indeed, by the end of the year he achieved an A- on his final exam. Cathy is brilliant at assessing her student’s learning style and tailoring her techniques to match… She was able to keep him focused and attentive throughout his sessions, and he retained the material afterwards. He no longer felt overwhelmed! As a parent, I was delighted to find someone for my son who is caring, focused and a consummate professional. I recommend her most highly!”

Colleen P., Sudbury parent


“One of Cathy’s gifts as a teacher is her ability to see where students are likely to struggle… She stresses understanding over memorization of random facts. As a result, my daughter began to love and excel at science.”

Kathy D., parent and teacher

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Test Preparation Tutoring


“Lisa scored a 770 on the October Chemistry SAT subject test!  Cathy’s teaching style made the material easy to understand.  She taught Lisa to recognize the SAT problems as variations of problems she had seen in class, and how to quickly find the correct answer.  Lisa’s score improved 90 points with Cathy’s help!”

Paul T., parent, Wayland

“Sonia got an 800 on her Chem SAT! Thanks for all your help! She thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and feels like a million dollars!”

Patti R., Concord

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