SAT Subject Tests, the Final Countdown

Author // Cathy
Posted in // Cathy's Blog

For those of you who have yet to start preparing for the SAT Subject Tests this June, don’t put off studying for them any longer!  If you have been chipping away at sample SAT Subject Tests over the past month or more, good for you. But, if you haven’t begun reviewing yet, you need to use the next three weeks efficiently!

So, where to start?  First off, buy a review book that is written in a way you find easy to read quickly. I personally like the Barron’s SAT Subject Test series as I find their summaries of each topic to be to the point and written in an outline format so you can skim them quickly.  Does the review book provide end of the chapter questions to test your knowledge, and are they formatted like actual test questions you will see on the exam? Don’t waste your time, for example, with fill in the blank questions if there are none on the actual SAT. Again, at least for the science SAT subject tests, Barron’s does a nice job with their end of the chapter questions.

The more practice tests you can do the better.  If you are pressed for time consider completing a test over several sittings. You could even carefully rip a test out of your review book (to save weight and space in your back pack) and do a page or two over lunch or during a free block. It is far better to whittle away at tests on a daily basis than to wait for a mad crunch session Sunday night. We learn by repetition, so the more practice problems you do the more you will recall on the actual day of the test. As you get closer to the actual test date, make sure to do two timed tests so you can be confident you will finish the test in the allotted hour.

While few people enjoy studying for SAT Subject Tests, in most cases you are simultaneously studying for your final exam in that subject, so no matter what your score you will have not wasted your time. So, what are you waiting for? Get studying, and best of luck!