Frequently Asked Questions

What we will cover

I make it a priority to start with the most pressing issue: what is presently being covered in class. I want my students to walk away from the first (or any) session feeling more confident in their understanding of current material. I take note of any gaps in their understanding, and make sure to weave in that missing knowledge as we proceed; it typically doesn’t take many sessions for most students to catch up.  I also provide my students with the reasoning tools they need to make better use of both class and homework time, helping them build the connections needed to truly learn a subject.

How Often

Students usually meet with me one hour a week at a regular time, often more frequently as midterm and final exams approach.  I also meet with students twice a week when additional study skills coaching and support is preferred. As many of my students have after school activities, my evening hours fill up quickly.  Call early for best selection of times.


I work with students from my Sudbury office, located near the center of town just off Route 20. I find students are better able to focus away from all of the distractions at a local library, or even at home. Additionally, I have at my fingertips a wealth of resources, from text books to atomic models to a periodic table of mineral samples, which help me engage my students in the topic at hand and facilitate deeper learning.

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Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment is expected at the time of service.  After the initial meeting, payment is appreciated at the start of each month for that month. Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance of a tutoring  session or the student will be charged for the full session.   In the event of bad weather we can arrange to meet via Skype during your time slot.  If you are sick, we can also meet via Skype so you don’t fall behind or have to reschedule.

How to get started

Contact me!  Email is best as my schedule can be very busy at times!

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Email: Cathy[@]allsciencetutor[.]com


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