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I am a highly experienced science tutor with a passion for science, a knack for explaining difficult concepts clearly and a dedication to improving my students’ academic performance and confidence. Whether you are struggling in science, needing help with organizational and study skills, or looking to ace that honors course, I can help!  My approach is one of tailoring what I do to each student’s learning style.

One size does not fit all
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As a science tutor, I have had the privilege of supporting students in all areas of science, from remedial to honors level in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, anatomy and physiology, the science SAT subject tests and more.

The key to success in school is seeing how the various concepts within a subject build upon each other.  If you truly understand how something works, and can relate that information to what you already know, you are no longer relying on rote memorization to get you through! This holds true no matter what the subject you are studying.

I help my students build a strong foundation in science and in school that enables them to move forward with confidence.

Serving Sudbury, Wayland, Lincoln, Weston & surrounding area


I tutor students from a wide variety of schools including Lincoln-Sudbury  Regional High School, Weston High School, Wayland High School, Framingham High School, Natick High School, Concord-Carlisle High School, The Rivers School, Dana Hall, Belmont Hill, Beaver Country Day School, Concord Academy, Worcester Academy and Gann Academy among others.   I am equally comfortable and capable as a chemistry tutor, biology tutor, physics tutor, earth science tutor, biology SAT Subject Test tutor, chemistry SAT Subject tests tutor and general science tutor.  I also have many years of experience supporting students with their organizational and study skills.

I welcome the opportunity to help your child succeed in science, and look forward to talking with you about your student’s unique needs.

Cathy is brilliant at assessing her student’s learning style and tailoring her techniques to match… She was able to keep him focused and attentive… and he retained the material afterwards. He no longer felt overwhelmed!
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Cathy ManWaring Cathy Manwaring

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